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Mages n' Maces is a subculture. Starting as a strategy game, it may expand to novels, cinema, further genres of games, a general code of ethics, etc.

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Platform Details

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1 Platform Details on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:00 pm


Game Platform Mechanics

This game is of rapid round-based strategy. This game is squad-based (e.g. PoxNora, Tactics Arena Online, Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem). This game's closest relative will be PoxNora. Pox has generic pieces, and it is more hack&slash than it is strategic. This game will implement more lore and strategy, and will have wildly different gameplay for each faction (examples given later).

Like Pox's shrines, this game will instead have overlords. The overlords may or may not move, but they will definitely have more involvement with the game.

Squad size will be closer to FFT and FE. This will allow for higher piece complexity and more meaningful lore. Similarly to Pox and Magic the Gathering, the pieces on the board may die and spawn multiple times. You could also imagine playing DOTA or LOL as a board game (with a smaller map).

The game will be 1v1, or 2v2. The 2v2 style may not be simple like a MTG 2 headed giant. It may be unique, with each player covering a different role (ex. one player plays and utilizes creatures while the other player plays spells)

The game will consist of time-based rounds. (I'll choose random numbers for this example). Each round will be 3 minute. In that minute the players can spend their action points for the turn. Each 30 seconds there will be a tic. The players will choose their actions during the 30 second window, then on the tic their actions will resolve.

To cater to different game style preferences, different speeds of play will be available: Ninja, Gladiator, and Philosopher. Perhaps 1 minute rounds, 2 minute rounds, and 4 minute rounds.

As far as the designers are concerned, the game’s structure is a guideline (as Magic’s rules are to the players). The key to this game’s success is that each team will be uniquely different from the others. This requires isolated innovation from each designer.

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2 Unit & Team Variable Options on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:05 pm


Unit Variables:
Death variable (hit points, time points, attack points, damage points, link points [linked to other variables, including positive ones], indestructible)
Divine points
Action points
Movement points
Movement pattern (free, pattern, squares, none)
Slot space/deck value
Cost (quest points)
Quest transformation
Attack (free, pattern, conditional, none)

Team Strategy Options (efficiencies?)
Square vs. Oct
Control points
Stall/exponential growth
Support (healing win)
Populate&Block (exploits the small/medium sized board)
Cripple resources
Special burst
Aikido (time win)(passive)
Alternate win conditions (# of attacks/damage given/taken, spells cast, time alive, turns controlling control points, units killed/lost, surviving unit)
Divine points

Team Unique Game Mechanics:
Dice rolling
Blocking %
Overlord deck
Coin gathering
DP loans
Battling overlord
DP used for everything

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3 Re: Platform Details on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:34 pm



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