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Mages n' Maces is a subculture. Starting as a strategy game, it may expand to novels, cinema, further genres of games, a general code of ethics, etc.

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Jargon Definitions

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1 Jargon Definitions on Sun Feb 28, 2016 4:24 pm


DP = Double Penetration (jk. Divine Points)
AP = Action Points
Overlord = The "King" piece that each team starts with on the board, the death of which is the default losing condition for the player. It is also used to summon minions and manage other resources.
Minion = A primary combat character summoned by the overlord. It has attacks, movement, health, and other abilities.
Degradation = The unit used to measure a minion/overlord/other character's destruction. Different pieces die different ways. A degradation point is an umbrella term for any piece that has hit points, damage points, time points, etc.
Slot = The value of a card in the deck based on effectiveness of a card. Each deck will have a max amount of slot space. Will you run three 5-slot cards? Or run a 10-slot, 4-slot, and 1-slot?

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